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What’s the WEATHER like TODAY?

3 Aug

Most young children have great curiosity in the atmospheric changes. Making a good use of their curiosity towards certain topics can be the best way to catch their attention and motivate them when learning a new language.

Commenting on the weather is a class routine that I always do at the beginning of the lesson. However, to be able to answer to the “What’s the weather like today?” question,  they have to acquire the key language.

There is this lovely story from the Hello Robby classbook that I adore using to work on the language related to the weather. It is important that you always tell them the story first with your own voice rather than using the audio or the video version. Children love listening to their teachers telling them stories or singing just for them, it creates a magic bond!

I made this video of the story using the storycards and the audio so we could watch it when trying to re-tell the story altogether and check what bits we forgot.

To let them acquire the weather vocabulary we play some TPR games using some flashcards, this way they start relating the word I say with an image. I use these flashcards:


I also like teaching them a chant where the words “rain” and “sun” are the main focus. The pupils love saying it in different ways: slow, flast, loud and whispering. We laugh so much!!!

Here is the video I made about the chant. I hope you will appreciate my acting skills :p

Once they have learned the chant, they can work on this worksheet that I made:


Moreover, depending on the age of the preschoolers, there is this “weather wheel” that they could make and take it home so they can play with it.


Oh! I also found this online game that we can play altogether in the classroom if you happen to have a smartboard or just let them know the website so they can play it at home.


Relating the use of the target language to having fun, is the best you can do  to make sure the pupils are going to acquire it naturally and as if it was a game.

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