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will YOU be my VALENTINE?

5 Aug

As I have already mentioned before, I really like celebrating festivals in class with my pupils since it helps them learn a bit more about the culture in the English speaking countries. It is an atractive way to catch their attention, specially if we do it through songs or stories.

To start the celebration, with my very young learners we always sing and dance this cute song called “Skidamarink”.¬†The gestures and silly lyrics are fun enough that they will keep the attention of older learners and captivate younger learners even if they can’t follow along completely.

Here you have a pdf with the gestures, my pupils love dancing Skidamarink ūüôā



Once you have sung and danced the song several times in different ways (big group, small group or in pairs), your pupils can have a rest colouring this worksheet I made with the song lyrics:

Sense títol


In order to learn some words related to the Valentine’s day, I like using flashcards to teach these words: flowers, chocolates, cupid, heart, kiss and hug.

Sense títol


It is important to highlight that in a lesson with young learners, it is useless to try to teach more than 10 words. With very young learners the right amount is between 4 and 6.


To have some fun while learning, there are these worksheets that help us learn while celebrating valentine’s day:

Sense títol3Sense títol1Sense títol2


There are two short poems that I usually teach. Once they have been presented, each pupil chooses which one they want to try to memorize and write it down inside a worksheet with a frame                                                                                       

                                                                                            Mail myself to you

07-valentine_card - copia (2)¬†I‘m going to wrap myself in paper ¬† ¬†¬†

I’m going to stick myself with glue

I’m going to tie a BIG bow on me

I’m going to mail myself to you.

          Roses are red

               roses are red

             violets are blue

              sugar is sweet

             and so are you

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