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Using the “Text Message Language” in the ESL class

7 Sep


Today I was surfing the internet and I saw this image which reminded me of when I have used the Text Message Language to work on the spelling. Lately, it seems that children and teenagers don’t care much about writing properly and they cannot be bothered with learning spelling rules.  Unfortunately for them, there will be a moment in their lives when not being able to write well could become a problem for them or even a barrier to improve in life. Therefore, it is our task to help them understand how important writing correctly is for their professional future.

As usual, we must find not boring ways to help our students learn so they keep their motivation switched on. In this case, one way can be using the Text Message Language. 

There are many funny activities that can be done in class:

– You can start presenting to the whole group some of the easiest and most common abbreviations used when texting and they have to match the meaning:

Sense títol

Before moving on to the next activity, you could watch this video that shows some of the abbreviations seen in the first activity plus some other ones:


– Next, you can give out a piece of paper with some sentences written in text message language and in small groups they can try to write them properly:

Sense títol1

– Later, there is another activity where they have to guess the receptor of each message. This time it can be done in pairs:

Sense títol2

There are also some online activities available related to the Text Message Language that can be done:



For further practise there are many worksheets that can be downloaded from this popular website:


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