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** Goldilocks & the 3 Bears **

11 May

This preschool EFL lesson plan is based on the “Goldilocks & the 3 Bears” story, which is one of the most popular traditional tales among the little ones. Through this fantastic book, we deal with some values that are very important for young children; for instance, touching and using belongings that are not ours without permission and naughtiness. They feel very identified with these aspects since most of the problems in a preschool classroom are due to some children not being able to share and others using stuff without asking for permission.

When it comes to the English language, I like using the Goldilocks & the 3 Bears tale to see some vocabulary about the family and also about sizes.

The first day, I tell them that I have something for them in my pocket and I ask some pupils to discover what it is. In my pocket I have images of the story characters. They always recognise them quite quick and get very excited knowing they are going to hear this story. These are the images I use:


There is also this video version of the story which I like. I prefer having the stories I tell in both ways, book and video. I usually use the video version to revise what happens in the story and to uploaded in the class blog so they can watch it at home whenever they want.

To work on the BIG, MEDIUM & SMALL sizes, we play this game where they have to classify the objects and say which ones belong to mummy bear, which ones to daddy bear and which ones to baby bear. Once we have done that, I ask them questions such as “Is this BIG bowl from mummy bear?” so they answer “Yes, it is” or “No, it isn’t” and “Who is this MEDIUM chair from?” so they answer “It is from____”. To play these oral games I use these images:

objects objects1

I found this song called “Three Bears” and I thought it matched quite well with the story. Besides, it names the family members in a different way and it helps my pupils realise they can say it like that, too.

To introduce other family members names I really like using “The Finger Family” song. In it, the words sister and brother appear, this way they can learn them together with mummy, daddy and baby.

Once we have watched the video of the song, we check what family members we already knew and which are new. After that, I like having a little conversation with my pupils to find out if they have got any brother or sisters. They love speaking about their siblings!

There is this worksheet I made where pupils are asked to draw their hand inside the oval and then they have to draw a family member on each finger: daddy, mummy, sister, brother and baby.

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