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An Augmented Reality Halloween

4 Nov

Yesterday, with my 5 year old groups we did the final Halloween related activity after a whole week of celebrations. Using the Quiver App we designed our own Halloween Pumpkins and made them come to life. It was quite cool to see our creations alive even if it was for a few seconds!

Here you can see some examples 🙂

Sense títol1

This is the worksheet you have to print from the Quiver website:

Sense títol

A part from being able to take screenshots while your Pumpkin is alive, it is also possible to record the screen of your device. Here you can see an example of how a Pumpkin comes to life. It is great that you can even see the inside of your Pumpkin!

** I’m a little Snowman **

11 Dec

I LOVE snowmen!!! I find them very sweet 🙂 Maybe, my interest towards snowy things is increased because I live in Barcelona, where we hardly ever get some snow. I am 31 years old and as far as I remember, I have only experienced snow in my city 4 or 5 times!!!

Due to my interest towards snowmen, I planned a Christmas unit for my 2nd Primary students focused on them. I have to say, snowmen are also very popular amongst my students 😉 So we all enjoyed this unit!

To start with, we present our snowman:


We comment on the accessories that he wears, and we focus on 3 of them:

Right after, I present this Snowman song by “Super simple songs”which I adore. The song is simply perfect because it focuses on describing the snowman and what he wears.

When singing the song, I add some body movements to help the students understand better what the lyrics are about. This way, we sing the song but also dance it 😀

Another day, we play a game called “Do you want to build a snowman?”. Each group of 3 or 4 students recieves the sheet with the game, a dice and a white sheet of paper.


The goal of the game is to build a snowman all together. The first roll chooses the body shape, the second roll the face style, the third roll the type of arms, the forth roll the hat or hair and finally what the scarf looks like. Once they are all built, they have to be coloured and we display them on the walls.

The following day, we watch the lovely Frosty’s winter wonderland film. It is not very long, which makes it ideal for one session 🙂


On the last two days, we focus on making a snowman themed Christmas card.The idea is to make a collage snowman using coloured papers and making sure each snowman wears a hat, buttons and a scarf. This is the example I showed my students:


Instead of writing the message on the front as it is done here, I suggested my students to write the Christmas wishes on the back of the coloured construction paper. This way, the snowman is not covered 🙂


Halloween Books & Films

22 Oct

Hello everybody! Today I am showing you some Halloween stories and films to work with children! I really hope you like them! Of course there are many stories and tales to use, but I make a selectio…

Source: If the broom fits, ride it !

Christmas FUN for the little ones!

29 Nov

Christmas is one of my favourite festivals. I guess that, as it happens to many other teachers, it is funnier and easier to plan Christmas lessons and create Christmas resources than it happens with other celebrations that are normally used in the ESL class.

There are so many materials that can be used when planning Christmas based lessons that we could get lost in them! I have had that feeling before, so I understand that feeling of finding cool stuff and thinking “I could use this, I could use that” and after downloading lots of resources not knowing how to organise them or how to use them with our pupils.

I would like to share what I am using at the moment in my preschool lessons. Feel free to use anything you like!

I tend to start the Christmas lessons watching a cartoons episode the ones I am using at the moment for the different preschool levels are:

– Peppa Pig “Santa’s visit”

– Mickey mouse clubhouse “Mickey saves Santa”

– The baby triplets “Christmas” 

You can find them all in youtube 🙂


As usual, I like them learning some vocabulary with the help of flashcards. The eight words I chose are these ones:

Sense títol

You can ask them to help you colouring them and once they are coloured you can laminate them to be able to use them for some TPR games.

There is this poem that my pupils really like saying, it is called Santa will pop!. Next, there is the video tutorial I made for my pupils so they can rehearse it at home.

Sense títol1

Here there is the Santa image that they have to colour and cut out. Once it is done, you can glue it onto a transparent plastic stick so it isn’t visible.


A Christmas Carol I really like singing with the little ones is Jingle Bells, the catchy rhythm is great! We don’t singing it all, we usually focus on the chorus. The version I like is this one because it is slow enough for the children to get the lyrics:


There are a couple of worksheets that could be done. In the first one, the children have to cut out the snowman and decide how they dress it up and in the second one they have to draw inside the stocking the presents they would like to get.

Sense títol2 Sense títol3

EFL classroom activities and resources for Halloween

23 Oct

more ideas for next week!!!

Oxford University Press

EFL Halloween activitesAs Halloween is nearly upon us, Stacey Hughes, teacher trainer in the Professional Development team at OUP, has been busy creating a collection of ghostly classroom activities for you to use with your class. 

It seems that everyone likes a scary story. As autumn days grow shorter and darker, forcing us indoors, this is the perfect time to tell ghost stories.

Ghost stories and tales of the supernatural have been around for centuries and are a feature of nearly every culture.  Though many people may not believe in ghosts today, stories about haunted castles, enchanted ruins and spooky spectres are still very popular.

Why do we like to be scared so much? One theory is that frightening stories cause a release of adrenaline which makes us feel a ‘rush’. Adrenaline is the same hormone that is released in a fight or flight situation, and, because there is no real danger, we enjoy this…

View original post 128 more words


5 Oct

Today I would like to share with you all how you could work Easter with the youngest ones in Primary level. I love PETER RABBIT, so the next ideas I’m going to present use him as the point of interest.

There is this version of the song Here comes Peter Cottontail that I adore, I find it very catchy. The video itself isn’t great, so you could only play the song and don’t show the video.


I made this worksheet with the lyrics so the pupils could colour Peter. Inside the rectangular sign I would ask them to write “Happy Easter”.



If you wanted your pupils to have some extra fun doing some Arts related to Easter, I adore this activity called “Fingerprint Chicks”

http://www.kinderart.com/seasons/easter8.shtml chick


I like asking them to make 5 fingerprint chicks spread out on a sheet of paper and then they have to draw a background for them. It always looks fantastic and you can use them to decorate the classroom walls or even the school corridor.


In case you want to spend several lessons working on Easter, you could watch the adorable film of The tale of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter.


Here there are a couple of worksheets to work a little bit on vocabulary related to Easter that you could ask them to do so they calm down after having been singing the song for example, or for those who finish first the Arts activity.




will YOU be my VALENTINE?

5 Aug

As I have already mentioned before, I really like celebrating festivals in class with my pupils since it helps them learn a bit more about the culture in the English speaking countries. It is an atractive way to catch their attention, specially if we do it through songs or stories.

To start the celebration, with my very young learners we always sing and dance this cute song called “Skidamarink”. The gestures and silly lyrics are fun enough that they will keep the attention of older learners and captivate younger learners even if they can’t follow along completely.

Here you have a pdf with the gestures, my pupils love dancing Skidamarink 🙂



Once you have sung and danced the song several times in different ways (big group, small group or in pairs), your pupils can have a rest colouring this worksheet I made with the song lyrics:

Sense títol


In order to learn some words related to the Valentine’s day, I like using flashcards to teach these words: flowers, chocolates, cupid, heart, kiss and hug.

Sense títol


It is important to highlight that in a lesson with young learners, it is useless to try to teach more than 10 words. With very young learners the right amount is between 4 and 6.


To have some fun while learning, there are these worksheets that help us learn while celebrating valentine’s day:

Sense títol3Sense títol1Sense títol2


There are two short poems that I usually teach. Once they have been presented, each pupil chooses which one they want to try to memorize and write it down inside a worksheet with a frame                                                                                       

                                                                                            Mail myself to you

07-valentine_card - copia (2) I‘m going to wrap myself in paper     

I’m going to stick myself with glue

I’m going to tie a BIG bow on me

I’m going to mail myself to you.

          Roses are red

               roses are red

             violets are blue

              sugar is sweet

             and so are you


1 Aug

I adore celebrating festivals with my pupils. The best way to let them know a bit about the English speaking countries culture is through music. That is why I have selected three songs that always work  well with very young learners since they are not too scary:


There is also this cute story that can perfectly match being told in Halloween. It is called “That’s not my monster”. I told it to 3 year old pupils and they simply adored touching the book pages!



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

30 Jul

For the very young learners, I wrote this Christmas story about the Twinkle Star and a little girl called Anna. Which I thought would go very well as an introduction to the Twinkle twinkle little star traditional song. This way, my little pupils understand what the song is about thanks to the context that has previously been given.

I hope you like the story 🙂

Here there is a very cute version of the traditional song that I like using.

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