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You SOUND like you’re from LONDON!

15 Apr

learn ENGLISH through SPORTS

7 Feb

Motivation to learn is essential! ☺️

english expressions

If you like watching sports, you’d be surprised at how much English you can learn through watching it on TV! Sports are also a frequent conversation topic, so if you learn some common vocabulary, you can practice your English with co-works after the big game.

SoccerWatch a sport you like. If you really like watching football (or soccer), then don’t bother watching another sport to pick up on English. You’ll learn best if you’re watching something you truly enjoy. Learning English should be fun! It shouldn’t always feel like a chore. It would also help to watch a sport you’re already familiar with so you’ll understand the “body language” and apply the terms to the proper context.

Watch as often as you can. Even if you can only watch 10 minutes a day, or watch the highlights on the news, it will improve your English! Even if you only watch…

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Which ENGLISH EXPRESSIONS are from England and which are from the US?

22 Oct

awesome or fantastic? 😉


uk vs us english

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How to stop translating and start THINKING IN ENGLISH!

19 Oct

with a little effort it can be possible!


English brainThis is every ESL students dream, and one of the most important steps in learning a new language. To think in that language means you have really ‘got it’.   But how can you start training your brain to do this?

Let’s first look at some scientific facts.  Research has shown that in fact no one ‘thinks in a language’, they ‘think in ideas’, and ideas are the same everywhere. So that means all of us are starting from the same place, no matter where in the world we come from, inside our heads, it’s all the same. Phew, that’s a relief….

Secondly what thinking in a language really means is ‘communicating your idea verbally into a spoken language’, and usually the spoken language of choice is your own native language. That’s understandable.

But the third and most important thing is to understand that when we are coming up with an…

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A handy little chart for in, on, and at.

9 Oct

Prepositions are always a nightmare, aren’t they? Here there’s a little help 😀

So, You Think You Can Teach ESL?


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History of English Language

5 Oct

Loving History!!!



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The English Language In 24 Accents

27 Sep

FAN TAS TIC!!!!! 😀


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