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Our Face

8 Aug

With my very young learners, I start focusing on the parts of the face instead of dealing directly with the whole body. However, if during the lessons any other body part needs to be included because they are curious about it, I do it naturally.

I always try to  introduce new topics through a story, it helps them to have a context. Besides, they simply love being told stories and never get tired of them 😀  Usually, when I finish telling them one, there is always a child asking ” Can you tell it again?” and the rest of them join agreeing with him. It always makes me smile 🙂

Anyway, the story I use in this case also belongs to the Hello Rabbit classbook and it is called “Buzz Buzz Buzz”. I find it quite cute and suitable for them. Next, you have the video I made using the storycards and the audio that comes with the teacher material:


To be able to roll play the story and pretend that a bee is actually on their eye, ear, nose or mouth; I have a fantastic BEE soft toy that I make fly around the classroom and it falls on their little faces making them giggle like crazy.


Using soft toys in class is a great idea when you teach very young learners. It helps them being connected to what is going on and they will relate the soft toy to the knowledge that they are meant to acquire. I try to find soft toys related to the topics I teach as often as I can, but I know it cannot always be possible.



Another material are the flashcards, with which you can play some TPR games with the pupils until you see they start feeling confident enough to play other games where they need to start saying the key vocabulary.

You can use these flashcards focusing on the parts of the face that are mentioned in the story: ear, nose, mouth and eye.

Sense títoll



Obviously, there is also a great song that will help your pupils integrate this vocabulary. They have so much fun dancing and singing this catchy tune that they will noe realise they are acquiring knowledge! This is a good moment to use the soft toy as well. As they sing, they can pass the bee and place it where the songs says it is.


If you are able to use a smartboard in class or any other device with internet connection that your pupils can use, I have these two links with a couple of online games that they will enjoy playing:




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