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º Dyslexia in the ESL class º

12 Feb

A little bit of help is always welcome 🙂 The offers really good advice on different teaching aspects. Click on the image to read about Dyslexia in the ESL class:

Dyslexic Students in the ESL Classroom: Simple Things You Can Do To Help

What If You Don’t Have A Language Partner?

7 Jan

That’s what happens with my French, I cannot really find ways to apply my speaking skills 😦

english expressions

A couple English-learners have recently told me that their skills are suffering because they have no one to practice their English with.  This can be a huge problem, because if you can’t communicate in the language you’re learning, you’re never going to improve.


Just think about your own language for a minute. Pretend you’re preparing for a big speech at work or school, and there are some challenging words that you need to focus your attention on. You listen to how they should be pronounced, you say it a few times, and then you keep rehearsing your speech over and over again in your head. Because you can say those difficult words in your head, or say it perfectly after you’ve heard it, you think you don’t really need to rehearse it aloud.

Then it comes time for your big speech. You’re about to read that really difficult word, and…

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{Benefits of CrEaTiViTy}

6 Nov

Where did English come from?

2 Nov

Ted Talks are fantastic! Besides, I love learning history facts about the languages I can speak. It makes them even more interesting 😀

So here there is this great 5 minutes video where we can learn many things about the origin of the English language. As well as the origin of some other languages that maybe we never thought would be connected to English.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

The People vs. The School System

12 Oct

I just bumped into this video called “I just sued the school system”. A video full of truth!

{A typical Teaching Day}

29 Aug

Now that we are back to work or enjoying our last days off… this is a good image to have in mind 🙂


Stories to LIVE and LOVE

9 Jun

I totally loved this books selection!




This week I am presenting you some of my favourite stories to work emotional intelligence with students. I am very interested in methodologies that work emotions and values. I strongly believe that we need students able to know their own emotions and students able to recognize others emotions too.


This is my top 5 of Stories to LIVE and LOVE! HOPE YOU LIKE THEM!


TOPIC: Feelings

I am sure you all know this amazing story by Anna Llenas. It is a simple story full of messages about feelings and emotions. This tale is about a monster who doesn’t understand his feelings at all. This monster has a friend who is going to help him! There are many activities already done about this beautiful tale. HERE you can find some of them!


TOPIC:The importance of being loved

Do you like cactus? They can seem dangerous with his…

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