Saint George’s Day

26 Apr

Saint George’s Day is celebrated on April 23rd in England. It is not an official holiday but may areas celebrate this day. This festivity is even celebrated in a number of countries around the world. For instance, in Catalonia where Saint George day is a very special day for us.

Some of the traditional activities for Saint George’s Day include:

–       Wearing a red rose

–       Flying the Saint George’s Cross flag

–       Holding parades or pageants

–       Singing the hymn ‘Jerusalem’

–       Having special afternoon tea

Saint George’s Cross

Saint George is the subject of a number of legends, including one that claims that he slayed a fire breathing dragon to help a damsel in distress.

In Catalonia, Saint George’s Day is very popular. “Sant Jordi” is the Catalan name for Saint George and he is the patron saint of this region. This day in Catalonia is the day of roses, books and romance. It is not a public holiday but it is a festival that is widely celebrated.

Some things that can be done in class to celebrate Saint George’s Day:

–       Make a dragon sock puppet

–       Make dragons out of green plasticine

–       Make a tissue paper red rose

–       Make a flag or draw the cross of Saint George

–       Write a book report or summary

–       Make a toilet paper roll knight or damsel

–       Hand out recycled material to different groups of students and encourage them to make castles


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