Parts of a Teacher

7 Jan


So today is my last day of winter holidays before going back to work and yesterday I found this image, which cheered me up! Like everyone else, I love the holidays and not having to worry about the alarm clock. That’s why I always feel a bit down when I think of going back to work and all the stress and rushing around that being a teacher implies.

Humans tend to remember more negative than positive moments, and I am very human! Since I read about this fact, I have been trying to avoid these negative thoughts and stick to the positive ones, but sometimes it is easier said than done!

During these days off I have read some blog entries by experiencied teachers who weren’t able to cope with the thought of going back to their job posts anymore. They all said that the profession of teaching has changed quite a lot lately and it implies many other duties that don’t let us teach the way we would really like to.

Fortunately, despite all the extra paper work we have to do, teaching can still be very charming if we try to focus on the positive aspects it has got. This image I found really helps and makes me want to go back tomorrow with a smile on my face thinking of all the new anecdotes that are to come.

Because one thing is for sure, being a teacher can be a great adventure, every morning when I step into the school building I never know what surprises (good or bad…) that day will bring me!


2 Responses to “Parts of a Teacher”

  1. iponsromeu January 7, 2015 at 4:21 pm #

    I love this picture! And I agree with everything you said. I think we have an amazing job!

    • laiaprincep January 7, 2015 at 5:13 pm #

      Thanks for sharing my point of view 🙂

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