Online ESL GAMES for Preschool

12 Nov



After some years of teaching very young learners, I guess I could say I have a decent list of useful online resources. I have spent many hours surfing the internet trying to find websites with suitable esl online games that I could play in class with my little pupils.

Next, I share with you all some of the websites that I like the most. If you have a projector, a whiteboard or a computer in class, it will be great to play these games as a classroom activity.

ONLINE ESL GAMES literacy, numeracy and science short games. coordination, classification and puzzle games. numeracy, matching and word games. fun games that can be perfectly useful for esl.   word games. fun games with popular cartoon characters. literacy, numeracy and fun games. I adore this one, it is just perfect for learning having fun! word and letter games. matching, counting and identifying games with Curious George!


I hope you find them as useful as I do. Please, feel free to share with me your favourite esl online games websites. Together, we could make a fantastic data base 😀




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