6 reasons why songs are a PERFECT way to enhance language learning

23 Aug

The FUTURE of Learning

singerJust recently I started to learn some Islamic prayers in Arabic. I can’t read Arabic so I downloaded the Arabic words in English script. That didn’t make it any easier because I still needed to hear it. Fortunately I was able to also download the voice over of these words. That was much better, but still difficult. Finally I found a person online actually almost singing the verses…..bingo!  That really made it easy for me. Now I can hum those songs and the words just come to me…perfect!

And this is the same for English as it has its own lyrical element that if you have an ear for music, chances are you will be able to pick it up easier through music.

So why are songs such an effective learning tool for English?

  1. Every word has a sound. When we say a word it makes a sound. Every word…

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