British Food

22 Jul

To let your pupils know some British eating habits, there is this Prezi presentation that I made. It focuses on the eating hours and the main typical meals british people have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as the famous Sunday roast. At the end of the presentation there is an esl video which will let them have a closer approach to the British food culture. I know the video is a bit old fashioned, but it has got subtitles and it is quite well done for teaching purposes.

Click on the link–> 

Sense títol



After displaying the presentation, it would be good to have a little chat about:

       – if they would like to eat these meals

       – what are their own typical meals

       – to compare the different eating timings

       – if any of them has ever had one of these meals when being in The UK


Finally, you could have your students in pairs and ask them to do the following task.


Once they are done, they should make their own Prezi presentation and share the work done with the rest of the class in a cooking blog that you could create so everyone can have a look at the other menus.

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