Approaching Culture

12 Jul

Being aware of some culture aspects of the countries where the language we are studying is spoken can be as useful and important as speaking the language properly. As teachers, we must always try to mix the knowledge of culture aspects with the knowledge of the language.

Learning curiosities and different ways of living can catch the attention of our students and become an element of motivation to learn a foreign language. The more real we make this approach with the new culture the better.

How can we do it? Very easy! Using new technologies. For instance, very visual presentations and videos. Nowadays there is a great variety of online resources ready to be used that can become our “window” to the new culture. Children really appreciate it when we use different and modern teaching methods; otherwise, they disconnect and lose their interest.

However, it can even be better if you are able to contact another school through the penpal system. Having to make use of the language they are learning in order to communicate with someone else is the best motivation a student can have.

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