Learning colours with Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

3 Jul


Using the story of “Elmer” by David Mckee to help learning the colours is one of the best ways I have found when teaching very young learners.


The book comes with a soft toy of Elmer, which is very useful since young children love being able to touch the characters of the stories they are told.


Once you have told the story showing the book images, it is always good to tell the story again but in a different way so they can hear other voices and accents. For example, it is possible to use a video like this one I found:

Besides telling the story, there is this song about Elmer and his colours that they enjoy singing. It can be sing to the tune of “BINGO” song that we all know:




In order to help them get familiar with the name of the colours in English, you can play TPR games with the Elmer soft toy or some colour flashcards like these ones:



If you want to have your pupils doing a little task about colours, here I have this worksheet where they have to finish colouring Elmer’s body. Once they have done it, you can ask them to tell you which colours they decided to use.

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2 Responses to “Learning colours with Elmer the Patchwork Elephant”

  1. tamarakgift August 1, 2014 at 4:56 pm #

    Great book! Teaches colors, friendship, and individuality

    • laiaprincep August 3, 2014 at 8:43 pm #

      right 😀

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